God bless this god damned post!

God bless this god damned post!

iPhone - Siri

Apple recently added a new feature to their iPhone - Siri - a virtual assistant. You can ask her practically everything. Here are a few examples:



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… hahaha what?!

R.I.P. Steve.

R.I.P. Steve.

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So, time for my analysis of the pics :) heee

Ok first season, we have a dead body, a HUGE book, stripes on Castle and a Jacket on Beckett.

Second Season. No dead body, but a murder weapon. Which could mean we’ve moved beyond the guts and glory to delve further into the storylines. Strips still on Castle, Jacket still on Becks. And the book is kinda thrown in there.

Third season. NO JACKET on Beckett, could mean she’s finally let her hair down and has gone casual round Castle. Still with the stripes on Castle (could be ties to other women and such, like Gina) No body, no weapon… but a crime scene. Does that mean we have to now pay attention to the details of the story? Also… NO BOOK, because as we learn, its not about the books any more!!!

Fourth Season. ITS JUST THEM!!! No crime scene, no body, no blood, no book, no NOTHING JUST THEM!! Castle no longer is wearing stripes (does that make him free) and Beckett… well it looks like she’s not wearing a thing!! (but that’s because we can’t see it) so does that mean she’s free as well?

OH and note the lack of blood on the pen in the logo for season four!!!!